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Melissa Melnychuk

Hey! It's me, Melis!

This Is My Story

Everything changed in 2017.


"I went from a married mother to three children, to a single mother over night.

At the time I was a co-host on the Canadian television series Vanessa + Melissa, and felt like I was taking on the world!

Quickly life changed, and I documented and continue to document every step of single-mother as an entrepreneur, life & health coach, and content creator."


Melissa Melnychuk CHHC. is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and is also Plant-Based Certified from Cornell University. Melissa started her practice in 2010 and has worked with women and men from all walks of life.  From those who may be on a new health journey, entrepreneurs, traveling executives, stay at home moms, former fitness competitors, athletes and more. 


The central message that Melissa shares with her tribe is that there should be a love for YOU, in any SHIFT you make. That anything you do should first be for yourself.


As a mom of 3 and former athlete Melissa understands how to balance a holistic lifestyle. Melissa went back to school in 2010, to become a holistic health coach. Her approach is gentle and looks deeper than a diet. She doesn't believe in restrictions or limitations, but eating high-vibration foods, and being active with things you want to be doing! She now coaches everyone from stay at home moms to professional athletes.  Melissa is available for public speaking events, media appearances, product reviews, and more!



There are no rules, just a desire to help you get to the absolute BEST version of YOU!

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content curation

Melissa loves to create unique content that connects her to her online community!

HEalth & Fitness

Melissa has a very forward thinking approach to health and fitness, with mindset being a part of her message.  Melissa is available to speak on all three topics.

public speaking

Melissa has extensive experience in public speaking, along with experience in radio, television and live events!


Looking to start your journey as a content creator yourself? Looking for fitness & health advice? Are you a mom looking to jump into the #momprenuer world? Melissa is available to host private and public speaking functions to help others get off to the right start!